FSOil is Full Spectrum Oil

In the ever-changing landscape of industrial hemp, FSOil has used innovation to evolve with the industry while maintaining our standards of excellence.

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About FSOil

We are located on a 1500 acre Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certified farm in the pristine growing region of the Willamette Valley with some of the finest soil the area has to offer. This natural resource, along with the ideal Western Oregon climate for growing hemp, allows us to produce some of the finest industrial hemp grown anywhere in the world. Our multigenerational farmers work closely with some of the leading cultivars in the industry resulting in a winning formula of environment, genetics, and expertise delivering a high yielding, exceptional quality crop.

Our Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Hemp Authority (HA), and Kosher certified extraction facilities boast both super critical and sub-critical CO2 extraction. We have taken our crafted post processing methods and modified them to an industrial scale, resulting in a clean, terpene rich, versatile extract suitable for any product application.

Strategic partnerships round out our full-service offerings. From a GMP certified nutraceutical lab with experienced chemists on staff to a coalition of neighboring farmers offering generations of knowledge and expertise, FSOil not only strives for excellence in our own performance, but to also align ourselves with top-tier partners, ensuring we are delivering unparalleled quality and unsurpassed customer service.

FSOil is a family owned business that started modestly in 2016 on the farm in Woodburn, Oregon. After witnessing first-hand the benefits of cannabidiol products the family decided to get involved with spreading this natural agent of relief. What started as 18 acres of hemp and a small CO2 extraction machine in an unused barn has morphed into 600 acres of hemp, an expanding grow operation, and two separate extraction and post processing facilities. Along with this growth, we have added over 100 employees who are all considered extended family. Through it all the prevailing culture of FSOil has remained the same; work hard, play fair, and always deliver.

FSOil Products & Services

At FSOil we offer industrial hemp in any form, from seed to finished oil.

Contract grow

We offer customized, contract grows by the acre to ensure your supply chain is guaranteed. Our expert farmers will cultivate, harvest, and process the industrial hemp genetics of your choosing often resulting in yields as high as 3500 pounds of extractable biomass per acre. All grows are GAP certified with certified organic acreage available.

Toll processing

We offer processing of biomass, extraction to crude oil, and post processing to winterized oil. Our GMP, Kosher, and HA certified extraction facility has the capabilities to process to your specified end result.

Wholesale extract

FSOil maintains a healthy inventory of winterized oil and distillate to accommodate your supply chain needs. We also offer boutique extract ideal for specialty products.

Bulk ingredient

Consistent potency in a carrier oil or water admissible powder can be supplied in bulk to accommodate your production goals.

Finished product

FSOil partners with a GMP and HA certified nutraceutical facility with over 40 years of experience formulating products in the health and beauty space. Let us make your product vision a reality.

Our Owners

Our owners are comprised of siblings and cousins, which includes Barb Iverson, Ken Iverson, Nels Iverson, Paul Iverson, and Tim Shaughnessy.

FSOil is a Full-Scale Facility

From seed to finished oil, FSOil is unique in our ability to serve the industry across a full spectrum of needs.

FSOil Certifications

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