Quality, Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

At FSOil, we process the whole in order to utilize as much of the hemp’s natural chemistry as possible.

Quality, Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

FSOil’s cGMP CO2 processing facility efficiently extracts cannabinoids and terpenes from industrial hemp.

Quality, Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

In the ever-changing landscape of industrial hemp, FSOil has used innovation to evolve with the industry while maintaining our standards of excellence.

Acre Family Farm

square foot manufacturing area

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Seed to Sale

Residing in the pristine growing region of the Willamette Valley, FSOil started modestly in 2016 on our multigenerational family farm in Woodburn, Oregon. After witnessing first-hand the benefits of cannabidiol products, the family decided to get involved with spreading this natural agent of relief.

What started with 18 acres of hemp and a small CO2 extraction machine in an unused barn, has evolved into 600 acres of hemp, an expanding grow operation, and two separate extraction and post processing facilities. Our Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Hemp Authority (HA), USDA Organic, and Kosher certified extraction facilities boast both supercritical and subcritical CO2 extraction. By aligning ourselves with a GMP certified nutraceutical lab, experienced chemists and neighboring farmers who offer generations of expertise, we ensure top tier quality and unparalleled customer service.

Through it all, the prevailing culture of FSOil has remained the same; work hard, play fair, and always deliver.