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We have taken our crafted post processing methods and modified them on an industrial scale, resulting in a clean, terpene rich, versatile extract suitable for any product application. At FSOil, we offer industrial hemp in many forms, from seed to finished oil.

High-quality extract

FSOil offers Full Spectrum winterized oil, distillate and THC compliant Broad Spectrum and Whole Spectrum formulations. We also offer boutique extract ideal for specialty products.

Get in touch with Dan Berkery, our Director of Sales so that he can supply your company with our wide range of high-quality extracts.

Custom finished products

FSOil partners with several finished product manufacturers with over 60 years of combined experience, ensuring that we seamlessly take your product vision all the way across the finish line. We partner only with manufacturers whose quality systems meet or exceed our own so that you can count on consistency throughout the process. In an industry landscape increasingly seeking proof of quality, FSOil is your one-stop-shop for creating market ready products of the highest caliber.

Work directly with our sales team to create the custom products you envision.

Toll processing

FSOil offers biomass processing, extraction to crude oil, and post processing to winterized oil. Our GMP, Kosher, USDA Organic, and Hemp Authority certified extraction facility has the processing capability to meet your specified end result. We can deliver from 1 to 55 gallon drums.

Interested in how toll processing can be beneficial to your company? Start the conversation with our Senior Account Manager Tim Hopper to learn more.

Harvesting and drying

Once the biomass is harvested, it is dried and brushed at the family’s custom designed facility. At the “Hop House,” FSOil is able to dry and brush over 30,000 pounds of material each day. This facility is also cGMP and USDA certified Organic.

To explore your harvesting and drying options using our innovative practices and facilities, reach out to Tim Hopper, Senior Account Manager, for more information.

Contract grow

We offer customized, contract grows by the acre to ensure your supply chain is guaranteed. Our expert farmers will cultivate and harvest the industrial hemp variety of your choosing often resulting in yields greater than 3,000 pounds of extractable biomass per acre. Certified organic grows are available. In 2019, Iverson Family Farms and other Willamette Valley farmers harvested 600 acres of biomass resulting in 1,800,000 pounds of biomass.

If you’d like to learn more about how FSOil can assist you with a wide range of growing and drying options, contact Jon Iverson, our Farm Manager, for details.

 Other extracts

FSOil offers complimentary, functional ingredients grown on our family farm and sourced with trusted partners in the U.S. We are developing alternative botanical extracts to expand our offerings in the health and wellness industry. Some of our current research focuses on Ashwagandha, Holy Basil, Calendula and other adaptogens. These ingredients are noted for a variety of volatile oils, esters and terpenes.

Are you interested in the other types of extracts that FSOil can produce for your company? Contact Dan Berkery our Director of Sales and Marketing, to learn more about the wide range of extracts that we can create.

FSOil Certifications

NFC Certified Organic
Oregon Farm Bureau