FSOil Products & Services

We have taken our crafted post processing methods and modified them on an industrial scale, resulting in a clean, terpene rich, versatile extract suitable for any product application. At FSOil, we offer industrial hemp in many forms, from seed to finished oil.

Finished product

FSOil partners with a GMP and HA certified nutraceutical facility with over 40 years of experience formulating products in the health and beauty space. Let us make your product vision a reality.

Bulk ingredient

Consistent potency in a carrier oil or water admissible powder can be supplied in bulk and formulated to legal compliance to accommodate your production goals.

Wholesale extract

FSOil maintains a healthy inventory of winterized oil, distillate, broad spectrum and THC-free extract to accommodate your supply chain needs. We also offer boutique extract ideal for specialty products.

Toll processing

We offer processing of biomass, extraction to crude oil, and post processing to winterized oil. Our GMP, Kosher, USDA Organic, and HA certified extraction facility has the capabilities to process to your specified end result. We can deliver from 1 to 55 gallon drums.

Hop House

Once the biomass is harvested, it is dried and brushed at the family’s custom designed facility.  At the “Hop House,” FSOil is able to dry and brush over 30,000 pounds of material each day. This facility is also GMP and certified Organic.

Contract grow

We offer customized, contract grows by the acre to ensure your supply chain is guaranteed. Our expert farmers will cultivate and harvest the industrial hemp variety of your choosing often resulting in yields greater than 3,000 pounds of extractable biomass per acre. Certified organic grows are available. In 2019, Iverson Family Farms and other Willamette Valley farmers harvested 600 acres of biomass resulting in 1,800,000 pounds of biomass.

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