What Impacts Do the West Coast Fires, Smoke Have on Crops

by | Oct 13, 2020 | News

As wildfires set Oregon ablaze during the month of September, 2020, uncertainty swept through the agricultural community as farmers worried about the impact of ash and smoke on their crops.

Iverson Family Farms, cultivators of over 100 crops, as well as the parent company to FSOil, were not excluded from the panic. As the devastation subsided, we were able to share some of our findings with regard to soil and crop health in hemp, marijuana, wine grapes, and a number of other crops while ash rained down on our family farm. Spearheaded by our director of research and development, Giavanna Accurso, we sampled soil, biomass, as well as the ash itself in order to conduct a multilevel analysis to understand the impact of the wildfires on our crops.

Civil Eats describes some of the impacts of smoke and ash on our family farm, and across the state of Oregon.

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